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Our services

Yspekh Sàrl supply and maintenance of XRF equipment, development of analytical solutions, expertise, real estate diagnostics, science and training in Switzerland.

Supply and maintenance of XRF equipment.

All devices sold and installed by Yspekh Sàrl are maintained in Switzerland.

The change in isotopic sources also took place in Switzerland.

Local maintenance guarantees very short intervention times. Replacement devices are available

Development of analytical solutions 

Yspekh can adapt devices to the specific needs of the requests. This can be adaptations of calibrations but also hardware modifications of devices.

Real estate and scientific appraisals and diagnoses

Yspekh offers to carry out lead-oriented real estate diagnoses in paints, PAHs and PCBs.

Yspekh holds, for technical expertise diagnostics, scanning electron microscopes equipped with EDS, Raman, potable XRF systems with Cd10 and Co57 isotopes as well as XRF devices with X-ray tubes.


All the proposed techniques require specific training that the Yspekh company delivers on installation and then throughout the use of the devices.

Training specific to an SEM/EDX/EDXRF/RAMAN technique independent of the context of a purchase is also offered.

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