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About us

Yspekh Sàrl distributes high-tech laboratory and handheld analytical equipments

Yspekh is the exclusive distributor in Switzerland for Fondis Electronic-Groupe Physitek (FR), authorized distributor and assembler for Europe of the Heuresis Pb200i paint lead analyzers (Viken Detection USA), the Niton XLP analyzers and the FenX analyzers (manufactured by Fondis-Physitek FR)

Yspekh distributes in particular the whole range of x-ray fluorescence instruments with tubes and isotopic sources.

Yspekh Sàrl distribue du matériel analytique de laboratoire et portable de haute technologie en Suisse.
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Our mission

We provide to companies high-tech tools to facilitate analytical work in the laboratory and in the field.

Our company provides all services related to substance analysis.

  • Sale of adapted tools, 

  • Independent Analysis, 

  • Integral maintenance in Switzerland of all  products 

  • Specific training adapted for our products.


Our skill

We establish a solid foundation of collaboration with our customers.


The satisfied customer is our goal, we invest all our energy to achieve it.


The quality of our products and our services is the guarantee of our mutual success.

Marc Dupayrat

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Yspekh Sàrl par Marc Dupayrat est Ingénieur Chimiste de formation en Suisse

Marc Dupayrat is a chemical engineer by training. He is a laboratory and field man with more than 30 years of experience in elemental analysis and molecular vibrational analysis. His knowledge is based on numerous demonstrations, trainings, technical support, R&D developments with manufacturers and distributors in France, USA, Israel, Germany, UK, Japan, China and Switzerland.

The assimilation of these laboratory experiments, analytical applications and field problems has been acquired in a wide variety of fields: nutrients in crops, smelting and sorting of metals, soil pollution, archaeology, forensic science, lead in paints, heavy metals in the environment, mining, characterization of precious metals and gems...

  • Diploma : National Examination for Building Pollutant Diagnosticians April 2023

  • Participation in the ETI-CFSA PCB/PAH remediation course under containment,​

  • Participation in the Sonelo lead diagnostic trainer course in paints in France

  • Holder of the patents required by the PSHO/ SUVA and French equivalent for radiation protection vis-à-vis the maintenance and use of X-ray tube devices and sealed isotopic sources of low activity.

  • Trainer for 'Diagnosis of lead in building paints', course developed and delivered in collaboration SABRA (GE) / Yspekh (VD)

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