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Versatile analysis tools for many fields, offered in Switzerland by Yspekh Sàrl.


We distribute laboratory and portable XRF and Raman equipment for sorting, production characterization and any need related to elemental and molecular characterization by X-ray analysis or molecular vibration as well as a portable X-ray scanner for security.

Portable and laboratory XRF device

spectromètre de fluorescence X pour l'analyse du plomb dans les peintures

Diagnosis of lead in building paints

- isotope devices for detection and quantification of Pb-Lb/g and Pb-K lines

- X-ray tube devices detecting Pb-L Lambda, Alpha, Beta and Gamma lines. Quantification of all heavy metals.

Sorting of metals / Recycling

Characterization of KARAT (Gold Redemption, precious metals)

PMI  (Positive Material ID)

Ore (gold, U, Fe…), mining

Soil pollution

Forensic, customs (Au, Ni, Cd …)

Production control


Thickness measurements

Sampling and sample preparation apparatus


outil direct sampler de creation de poudre à partir d'une roche

Sampling tools of samples for optimization/statistical representativeness.

preparation tool

to improve/align the reproducibility of measurements with respect to device calibrations

Portable and laboratory Raman instruments

Interfacage de raman dans un microscope électronique à balayage

SEM/Raman interfacing

for complementarity of organic and mineral molecular information of data  EDS, WDS and EBSD.

Precious stones


Chemical formulations


Sorting/characterization of polymers

Portable/handheld x-ray scanners


scanner à rayons X à main

Photon scanners backscattered and transmitted

Analysis of bags, dashboards, wheels, beams, (…) for the search for weapons, drugs, structural heterogeneities

Modern Architecture


Our technical assistance, training and development

We ensure the service on devices installed and we provide technical support training. We develop analytical solutions and expertise adapted to field issues (building, industry, research, etc.).

Supply and maintenance of  equipment.

All devices sold and installed by Yspekh Sàrl are maintained in Switzerland.

The change of isotopic sources and the re-calibrations are also ensured on the territory.

Maintenance in Switzerland guarantees very short response times. Replacement devices are available

Development of analytical solutions 

Yspekh can adapt devices to the characteristics of specific requests. These can be adaptations of calibrations but also hardware modifications of devices.

Real estate and scientific appraisals and diagnoses

Yspekh offers to carry out lead-oriented real estate diagnoses in paints, heavy metals and PCBs.

Yspekh holds, for technical expertise diagnostics, scanning electron microscopes equipped with EDS, Raman, potable XRF systems with Cd109 and Co57 isotopes as well as XRF devices with X-ray tubes.


All the proposed techniques require specific training that the Yspekh company delivers on installation and then throughout the use of the devices.

Training dedicated to :  MEB, EDX, EDXRF, RAMAN independent of the framework of a purchase is also possible.

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